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Alcohol Abuse

What Is Alcoholism?
As the name suggest Alcoholism is a condition related to alcohol consumption. Most experts term it as a chronic disease which is often progressive and arises when a person has problems in controlling the drinking. In this situation one gets preoccupied with alcohol and continues to use alcohol even when it causes problems. Here a person starts to drink more to get the same or may have withdrawal symptoms when alcohol intake is stopped or reduced.


If you have the problem of alcoholism, you cannot predict consistently, regarding how you will drink and how long you will drink. It is also not possible for you to predict what will be the consequences of your drinking.


But there are situations when the problem has not worsened to alcoholism even though when a person has problem with alcohol. This stage is slightly better than alcoholism and is referred to as problem  drinking which means one drinks too much at times which leads to repeated problems in the life but the person is not completely dependent on alcohol.


Besides problem drinking there is one more term related to alcohol consumption that is binge drinking. This is a pattern of drinking where an individual downs multiple drinks in a row, five or more in case of men and four or more in case of women. This type of drinking also leads to the same health risks and social problems which are associated with alcoholism. The more one drinks, the greater the risks. Binge drinking, is commonly seen in teens and young adults as they think it a way to assert their masculinity. However, it leads to faster development of alcoholism.


In experts opinion if someone has alcoholism or problem with alcohol quitting the habit requires help. The biggest problem with this problem is that most people deny that they have a problem which is usually part of alcoholism and other types of excessive drinking.


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