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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction


A disorder which is marked by a pattern of substance consumption which is destructive and causes several problems and distress. The problems are evident in a addicts and involve tolerance to or withdrawal from that particular substance. These addicts also suffer from other problems that are caused by the use of the substance. But never write off addictions as a small problem because drug abuse and addiction is a rather significant problem affecting a good number of people at some point in their lives.


Addiction leads to a condition refer to dual diagnosis and a person suffering from this condition not only an issue of drug-abuse or dependence but even suffer from serious mental-health problems. If you are wondering what are the drugs that lead to this addiction well virtually all the substance which on intake give a kick or a euphoric (“high”) feeling are drugs and they can be abused. commonly abused substances include inhalants like home cleaners etc.


Though the drugs may vary a little in their specific physical and psychological effects but usually the general effects of addiction to any of these drug is devastating. If you want to pin point a specific cause for drug addiction, let us explain that it does not have a single cause, but there are a few psychological, biological, and even social factors that can lead to or increase the chances of person in developing a chronic drug addiction disorder.


If you want figure out whether a person is an addict or not, there are symptoms of drug addiction which can help you out. One symptom is that people suffering with this condition usually end up having legal problems, and may land up in dangerous situations and has social or relationship problems. besides this other common signs are tolerance, withdrawal and use of the drug or for a long period of time.


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